Past, Present and Future

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Welcome to the catastrophes community! This community is all about disasters and catastrophes, past, present and future, real and fictional.

If you like to talk about man-made and natural disasters, then this is the place for you! There's no time limit on disasters, so feel free to talk about anything from the Krakatoa explosion to modern-day terrorist acts to civilization-ending asteroid impacts.

Know of a book, fiction or non-fiction, about a catastrophes impact on biology or society? Tell us about it! Lived through a natural disaster? We want to hear your story! Waiting for the BIG ONE? Discuss it here!

If you just joined, go ahead and introduce yourself.
Here's a suggested intro if you don't know what to say:

Favorite historical catastrophe:
Favorite future catastrophe:
Favorite disaster movie:
Favorite disaster book:

When did you first become interested in catastrophes/disasters?

Have you experienced any catastrophes first-hand?

Anything else to say?

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3. If at all possible, refrain from netspeak. This is a community of intelligent people who like to talk about catastrophes. It pains us to read "OMG!!!1 this strm is 2 kewl!!1". Thank you.
4. No flamewars, people. I don't know what you'd flame about, but if it starts I have a short temper for idiots. I will not hesitate to freeze, ban or delete posts or posters.
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