Mike, der Geograf (der_geograf) wrote in catastrophes,
Mike, der Geograf

Catastrophe in slow motion

Cross-posted at der_geograf:

If firestorms ever had eyes like hurricanes, the small communities of McLean and Alanreed would be the point of landfall for the massive blazes that continue to rage across the Texas Panhandle.

Me and a photographer were there the morning after, and talk about a wasteland. Charred cattle, rabits, dogs, cats, goats, homes, barns — you name it. The entire several-mile stretch of Interstate 40 between Groom and McLean is one solid crusty patch of ash that gets into everything from your shoes to your clothes to collecting on your face. And when the wind blows, it stirs up black clouds of the crud.

It still isn't clear what caused this fire and the other monsters raging across the area, but what is understood is it's going to take a hell of a long time to recover.

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The Panhandle Texans are surely having a tough time with the flames. Pray for rain.
We got a little spit yesterday, but unfortunately that's all it was.

On the up side, the Farmer's Almanac is calling for a late-season blizzard here at the end of the month . . .