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I'm Mike, a Southeast Texas/Gulf Coast native now living in the Texas Panhandle. I'll cut the small talk and get right to the template:

Name: Mike
Favorite historical catastrophe: Katrina recently outdid everything, including Mitch and Georges in 1998 and the Galveston storm of 1900. I do like the implications Mt. Tambora's eruption had on the world. The Texas City disaster of 1947, Hurricane Carla, and Hurricane Betsy (which showed on a smaller scale what Katrina would do 40 years later)
Favorite future catastrophe: A toss up between the coming Three Gorges Dam disaster in China and if (when) the Mississippi River changes course above Baton Rouge.
Favorite disaster movie:
Favorite disaster book: Just finished "City of Fire" by Bill Minutaglio about the explosions and fires that ravaged Texas City, Texas in 1947. I highly recommend it!

When did you first become interested in catastrophes/disasters? As a kid in Southeast Texas, when Hurricane Alicia came thrashing through. I can still see those giant pines bowing before the breeze and crashing to the ground. I also remember how the Houston/Galveston area changed after the storm. In fact, there are still abandoned buildings in the area that have been that way since the storm, and it struck in 1983!

Have you experienced any catastrophes first-hand?An impressive resume of tropical storms and hurricanes, a tornado, and a few floods
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