Hana of the Clan Anorexi-Lion (c00kie) wrote in catastrophes,
Hana of the Clan Anorexi-Lion

First Post:Hi Everybody!

Name: Hana.
Favorite historical catastrophe:

There are far too many to list. The Tambora Eruption in 1883 is the first to come to mind though, and is a favorite, just because of the impact it had globally. But, it's just one of the long list of catastrophes/disasters.

Favorite future catastrophe: This is an easy one. The Yellowstone Eruption.

Favorite disaster movie:

Armageddon. I know it's unrealistic, but it's still funny.

Favorite disaster book:

I don't have any, but I'm looking forward to reading the recommendations of everyone here.

When did you first become interested in catastrophes/disasters?

I've always been interested in catastrophes/disasters, especially of the natural kind. Our planet is a dangerous place sometimes, which makes it beautiful. As a historian, I especially love to look at the impact these disasters have had on the course of history itself. Two semesters ago, I took a class on Natural Disasters that was probably one of the most interesting classes I've taken so far.

Have you experienced any catastrophes first-hand?

I live in Kansas City, which, while we have a tornado/storm Season, I've never actually seen a tornado up close, nor have had any damage done to my property because of it. I have dealt with severe storm damage though, and I loathe ice storms. We had our power knocked out for about a week a couple years ago because of a particularly bad ice-storm. No power, no heat, nothing. We couldn't go anywhere because it was just too risky. It's not glamourous or exciting I know, but thats all I've got.

Anything else to say?

I look forward to getting to know my fellow catastrophe lovers.
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